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Method Description Instrument Calculation Manual entry
ALS-NA-WL-WI-001 Assuring Quality of Results - Water Lab
ALS-NA-WL-WI-004 Determination of Electrical Conductivity By Auto-titrator Mettler Toledo T70 - Conductivity probe
ALS-NA-WL-WI-005 Determination of pH By Auto-titrator Mettler Toledo T70 - pH probe
ALS-NA-WL-WI-006 Determination of Acidity By Auto-titrator Mettler Toledo T70 - Acidity
ALS-NA-WL-WI-007 Determination of Fluoride by ISE Mettler Toledo DL 55 - Fluoride probe
ALS-NA-WL-WI-008 Determination of Chloride by FIA Lachat Quickchem FIA
ALS-NA-WL-WI-009 Determination of Sulphate by FIA Lachat Quickchem FIA Dilution Factor Sulphate
ALS-NA-WL-WI-010 Determination of Alkalinity Mettler Toledo T70 - Alkalinity
ALS-NA-WL-WI-011 Determination of Ammonia by FIA Lachat Quickchem FIA
ALS-NA-WL-WI-012 Determination of Ortho-phosphate by FIA Lachat Quickchem FIA
ALS-NA-WL-WI-013 Determination of Nitrate by FIA Lachat Quickchem FIA
ALS-NA-WL-WI-014 Detection of Total Coliforms in Water
ALS-NA-WL-WI-015 HPC in Water HPC in Water
ALS-NA-WL-WI-016 Confirmation of e-coli
ALS-NA-WL-WI-026 Determination of Selected elements by ICP-OES Varian Vista Pro ICP
ALS-NA-WL-WI-027 Soap Oil & Grease S-316 Method Horiba Oil Analyser
ALS-NA-WL-WI-028 Total Suspended Solids - Gravimetric Gravimetric
ALS-NA-WL-WI-035 This work instruction describes the procedure for the in-house calibration checks of all thermometers used in ALS laboratories. The thermometers used in ALS laboratories are liquid-in-glass thermometers and digital thermometers.
ALS-NA-WL-WI-038 Alkalinity - Manual Titration Method
ALS-NA-WL-WI-040 Acidity by - Manual Titration Method
ALS-NA-WL-WI-042 Determination of pH value (waters) pH Meter
ALS-NA-WL-WI-044 Determination of Hexavalent Chrome
ALS-NA-WL-WI-048 Determination of Oxygen Absorbed
ALS-NA-WL-WI-049 Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand
ALS-NA-WL-WI-050 Determination of Dissolved Oxygen
ALS-NA-WL-WI-051 Determination of Dissolved Solids @ 180oC
ALS-NA-WL-WI-052 Determination of Turbidity
ALS-NA-WL-WI-053 1.2 The method is performed according to the Merck Spectroquant® Cyanide Test kit instructions as outlined in Appendix 1. The method is applicable to the determination of free and readily liberated cyanide in drinking, surface, domestic and industrial wastes. This test is not suited for seawater.
ALS-NA-WL-WI-054 The term TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is used to describe the total content of organically bound carbon in dissolved and undissolved compounds. By digestion with sulphuric acid and peroxodisulfate, carbon-containing compounds are transformed into carbon dioxide. This reacts with an indicator solution, the colour of which is determined photometrically. Inorganically bound carbon (dissolved carbon dioxide and anions of carbon dioxide) is expelled in gaseous form beforehand by acidification. The digestion is analogous to APHA 5310 D.
ALS-NA-WL-WI-055 1.1 The method is performed according to the Merck Spectroquant® Phosphate Cell Test instructions as outlined in Appendix 1. The method is applicable to the determination of orthophosphate and total phosphorus in drinking, surface, seawater, domestic and industrial wastes. This test is also suitable for nutrient solutions for fertilization, soils and food after appropriate sample pre-treatment.
ALS-NA-WL-WI-056 Settleable solids is the term applied to the material settling out of suspension within a defined period. The gravimetric procedure involves: a) Determination of total suspended solids as per ALS-NA-WL-WI-028 b) Determination of total suspended solids of a supernatant liquor (these are termed the non settleable solids).
ALS-NA-WL-WI-057 Mixed liquor is a combination of sludge and water removed from the clarifier in the wastewater treatment process and reintroduced into an earlier phase of the treatment process. The mixed liquor contains microorganisms which digest the wastes in the raw water. Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) is a test for the total suspended solids in a sample of mixed liquor. This test is essentially the same as the test you performed for TSS in the last lab, except for the use of mixed liquor as the water sample. In addition, the concentration of suspended solids found in the mixed liquor is typically much greater than that found in the raw or treated water. MLSS concentrations are often greater than 1,000 mg/L, but should not exceed 4,000 mg/L.
ALS-NA-WL-WI-058 Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to water as a method of water purification to make it fit for human consumption as drinking water or to act as a disinfectant in the treatment of sewage or other effluent waters . Water which has been treated with chlorine is effective in preventing the spread of disease. When chlorine is added to water, it reacts to form a pH dependent equilibrium mixture of chlorine, hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid: Cl2 + H2O → HOCl + HCl Depending on the pH, hypochlorous acid partly dissociates to hydrogen and hypochlorite ions: HClO → H+ + ClO- In acidic solution, the major species are Cl2 and HOCl while in alkaline solution effectively only ClO- is present. Very small concentrations of ClO2-, ClO3-, ClO4- are also found. Disinfection by chlorination can be problematic, in some circumstances. Chlorine can react with naturally occurring organic compounds found in the water supply to produce dangerous compounds, known as disinfection byproducts (DBPs). The most common DBPs are trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids. Due to the carcinogenic potential of these compounds, regulations require regular monitoring of the concentration of these compounds in the distribution systems of potable water systems. However, the World Health Organization has stated that the "Risks to health from DBPs are extremely small in comparison with inadequate disinfection."
ALS-NA-WL-WI-059 Langelier Index Langelier Index
ALS-NA-WL-WI-060 Field Inspection Services Includes services such as ISEW (Sewage Inspection)
Temperature Lab Temp Done by probe in Auto Titrator Mettler Toledo T70 - Temperature
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